Next Steps

The goal is to develop my CO2 until:

  • It is a good representation of the CO2 usage of an average person, representing climate gas emissions from all areas of life.
  • Its usability is high enough so that everyone can install the hardware and software without technical knowlege.

Here are some ideas for the next steps:

  • Openhab programmers: feel free to enhance the existing code examples and publish them
  • FHEM programmers: do the same in FHEM as in Openhab
  • OBD-II programmers – enhance your OBDC2-plugs sending fuel and distance travelled using MQTT
  • OBD-II smartphone app programmers: forward the readings into Openhab, FHEM using MQTT
  • Heat cost allocators: send appartments daily energy consumption to each appartment occupant
  • Smart electricity meter companies: publish your readings to Openhab / FHEM / other systems using MQTT
  • Airlines: You are printing the CO2 impact onto your vouchers already. Be creative to publish this for each user: QR-Code via App, or whatever you can think of.
  • supermarkets: can you publish the CO2 impact of my shoppings on my receipt as QR-Code?

Are you an expert in one of the fields above or interested in helping to further develop myco2? Say hi!