Your personal daily CO2 footprint. Fully automated.

Our Vision

The vision of the myco2 community is to make tracking your daily CO2 footprint as easy as measuring your weight.

Our Mission

We collaborate to create open software and hardware that enables everyone to measure, share and compare their CO2 footprint in order to align it with scientific climate goals.

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Let us get a bit more specific

we all like to reduce our CO2 emissions, right? And we all do some good things more or less often.


are the good things we do really having an effect? Are we doing the right „good things“? or should we better do something else to make a real and measurable difference?

If you like to know wheter or not you are driving your car too fast, you look at your odometer. But, nobody has an odometer for her/his daily CO2 emissions, or? Websites like the German Umwelt-Bundesamt or World wildlife fund are helpful, but an annual CO2 footprint doesn’t really change your behaviour to the better.

Now we are at the intend of this initiative: „Be clear about your own today’s CO2 impact as the first basic step to reduce it. For yourself, for mother earth, or to be cooler than your neighbour. The only way to make it work is to get it on your fingertips. Fully automated